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Understanding College Student Struggles

Any of this sound like you?

  • Emotional: Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or homesick while at college? You're not alone. Many students experience emotional challenges.

  • Financial Stress: Struggling to make ends meet? The cost of college can lead to financial strain, affecting your overall well-being.

  • Time Crunched: Constantly racing against the clock? Juggling academics, work, and life can be a real challenge for college students.

  • Social Pressures: Feeling pressured to fit in or make choices that don't align with your values? Peer and social pressures are common during college years.

getting THROUGH college is tough...

I used to struggle with exactly the same thing.

"I used to struggle with exactly the same thing. During my college years, I often found myself overwhelmed by the academic workload and the pressure to succeed. It felt like an emotional rollercoaster at times, and I didn't always have the tools to cope with the stress and self-doubt. Financial worries were a constant presence, and time management seemed like an impossible puzzle.

Additionally, navigating the complexities of social life and peer pressure was no walk in the park. But, through those experiences, I learned valuable lessons and gained insights that have shaped who I am today. Now, I'm here to share those lessons and provide support to help you navigate these challenges successfully. You're not alone in this, and together, we can overcome these obstacles."


Dr. JoNataye Prather

I'm Dr. JoNataye, but you can call me Coach Dr. Jaye. I'm thrilled to be your dedicated partner on your journey to academic and personal success.

  • With a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University and over two decades of experience in higher education, I understand the importance of resilience and achievement.

  • My mission is simple: to empower students, parents, and educators with actionable strategies to navigate academia and life successfully.

  • I've authored "Don't Even Think About Getting Your Ph.D.: Without Reading This Book First" and contributed to "The Best College Student Survival Guide Ever Written."

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What others say about Coach Dr. Jaye

"I saw Dr. JoNataye speak at a conference and was blown away by her energy and enthusiasm for helping others reach their potential. Upon meeting her in person and discussing my hesitation about furthering my education, she made me feel completely at ease."

Michelle P.

~ PhD Student

"Coach Dr. Jaye tailored an approach to the specific personality of my job... I am so excited to admit that for the first time in my career, I have a task planning and productivity model that works for me!

Larry G.

~ Client, Apple Corp.

"I was feeling overwhelmed because of the lack of knowledge and understanding to try to support my child in his transition to college. I felt mixed emotions because he was leaving me.. .I was concerned about how was he going to make it and she helped us figure out strategies of how to support him. My son was overly stressing and I had to find a resource to help him. I am happy I found her and so will you!

Rhonda L.

~ Parent


Don’t Even Think About Getting a PhD

(without reading this book first)

Dr. JoNataye Prather | Foreword by MJ Wilson

  • Have PhD aspirations, but feeling unsure or overwhelmed?

  • Get answers, advice, and clarity to make your decision with confidence.

  • Uncover the truth about pursuing a doctorate degree.

  • Learn how to become part of the 2% of the US population with PHDs


Best College Survival Guide EVER Written

MJ Wilson | Foreword by Dr, JoNataye Prather

  • How to choose the right major and college/university

  • How to deal with bad professors and impossible exams

  • Keep from changing your major (again and again!)"

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